A day of activities, learning and above all – fun!

– Caroline Almeida

Mitr - A Friend Indeed21st November, 2015 saw a host of excited kids at the TMCP centre at Kondhwa looking forward to a day of activities, learning and above all – fun!

Mitr - A Friend IndeedAfter a healthy breakfast at 9:30, the 150 children were divided into small groups to participate in a drum circle. Smiles and exhilaration radiating off them, they had the time of their lives learning the basics while banging their little palms away on the djembe, a West African percussion instrument.The session was conducted by Paresh Apte, of Drumbell, who ensured that each child participated and enjoyed the session thoroughly.

Mitr - A Friend IndeedOn completing the drum circle, the older kids participated in drama activities that served the dual purpose of icebreakers and helped the kids understand the concept of voice modulation while acting. As a relaxant after these activities, the volunteers played games with the children to recharge their spirits.

Following this, everyone enjoyed the dances put up by groups from different TMCP creches, centering on the themes of prayer, patriotism, entertainment and social issues. The vibrancy from both the performers and the enthusiasm of the audience provided for a fun and healthy atmosphere for the children. After the performances, the kids indulged in a little bit of lighthearted dancing upon which, exhausted but content they sat down for their meal.

Mitr - A Friend IndeedSurprising to some, the children are highly well mannered and possess values that may have been lost to us over time. Appreciative and enthusiastic about everything they have, they don’t forget to thank both God and the people serving them before eating while also making sure to wait for the entire group to start together.

The session then came to a close at 2:30pm, and both children and volunteers alike, returned home in high spirits.


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