A Visit to Remember!

After the successful completion of a four day creativity workshop with the children at the Kondwa centre of Tara Mobile Creches Pune, it was time to do something different.

Mitr1Mitr decided to look at a visit to a mall, something that most of the children of construction workers had not done before. This was an opportunity to bring them closer to and make them more aware of developments in society while ensuring that they had a fun-filled experience.

On the 24th and 25th of May 2014,  children from Tara’s Phursungi and Magarpatta centres respectively made their way to Seasons Mall. This event was conducted as part of the Kiddo Fest that was in session, in collaboration with Flawless Dance Academy, Pune.

Mitr3The children enjoyed painting pots as well as making paper weights, masks and ice cream stick crafts at the fest. They also had the privilege of being a part of a dance lesson. However, the icing on the cake was the opportunity to perform on stage, in front of a large number of visitors at the mall.

Mitr2This exercise proved to be extremely beneficial because it not only gave children exposure to visiting a mall, but also gave them a certain amount of self-confidence, in having participated in a dance sequence at a public location. The children went home with huge smiles and fond memories of the day!


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