Arts & Crafts Session at One North

– Rhea Rebello 

RR5One of the centres of ‘Tara Mobile Creches Pune’ (for the children of construction workers) is at One North, in the heart of Magarpatta and that’s where we volunteered on the 5th of July, 2014.

As we entered a medium-sized room, filled with small children who had the biggest hearts, we were welcomed with warm smiles followed by “Namaste”. I was dumbfounded at how disciplined and obedient they all were!

RR3The room grew with excitement as we started the arts and crafts session. We all spread out to guide the children and were often left laughing, cracking jokes with them or trying to get a candid picture with them. It was truly a sight to see their riveted, enthusiastic faces as they watched closely at how to fold or stick the colourful origami paper. We did the origami dog and tulip with them along with a paper bag. Although it took a long time, it was surely worth every minute.

RR2Every volunteer made sure that each child was happy and encouraged, this being the most important objective of our session. Our photographers too helped get wonderful, natural pictures of their precious smiles.

RR4These kids, though restricted to a certain amount of limited luxuries were so grateful and cheerful. It was overwhelming. With them, finally satisfied with their artwork, we all stepped outside to take a group picture. As we all stood there, with the kids holding their artwork up to the sky, I could feel the love and unity among all of us. What better way to end the day than with…. a loud “Cheese!”….*click*

RR1A special thanks to Rian Khorana and Saakshi Patil who helped fund this session through the sale of old newspapers.

The volunteers involved in making this session a success included Summer Jacobs, Amrita Gopal, Hussain Harianawala, Saumit Deshpande, Aaliya Panju, Jayani Thadaney, Nihal Sachdev, Aryan Doshi, Chiraag Shahaney, Aditya Bijlani, Prithviraj Jadhav and me, Rhea Rebello.

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