Awareness Session at Connecting…NGO

On the 8th of July, 2014, Mitr volunteers – Varun Chavan, Amrita Gopal, Rhea Rebello, Summer Jacobs, Hussain Harianawala, Sushobhan Sen Sharma, Rian Khorana, Tanuj Agarwal, Shaurya Jaisinghani, Armaan Dua, Raj Kadam, Nihal Sachdev and Aditya Bijlani attended ‘an awareness session for the prevention of suicides’ by ‘Connecting…NGO’ located on the campus of the Sardar Dastur Girls High School, near SGS Mall, in Pune. The session was conducted by Shafeer Bhola who has been with Connecting for four years.

The session was truly informative and it helped clear a lot of myths revolving around suicides. It also left the participants better equipped to handle related situations that could pop up in their day-to-day lives.

The session helped clear a lot of Rhea’s doubts about suicide and its whole working. It also helped her understand the mindset of a person who is suicidal.

Rian felt that the interactive session helped him learn how to deal with people who are depressed and how to help them out. 

Sushobhan had not expected the session to be so informative and interactive, at the same time. He found it to be a good learning experience with many statistics and facts cleared out. Some facts which were put forward, came across as a surprise and shock, not only to him, but to many others in the group as well.  He also felt that sessions like these would help us deal with people who are contemplating suicide in a better manner and with a better approach.

Varun could comprehend the points put forward by Shafeer and he felt that the session did attract everyone’s attention to the problem at hand.

All in all, it was a good experience that made each of us realize the seriousness of the issue. It also gave rise to introspection and the desire to reach out to people in need of a listening ear, a comforting voice and a caring heart.

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