The Perfect Beginning to a New Year!

Mitr - A Friend IndeedAn activity session at Mamta Foundation for children afflicted with HIV on the 2nd of January marked the beginning of 2015 for Mitr.

The theme of this session was ‘Caterpillars and Butterflies’ – the caterpillars being symbolic of the year that had just gone by while the butterflies represented the year 2015 – a new beginning. The theme was chosen, with the hope and prayer that the new year would fill the next phase in the lives of these children with color, beauty and freedom from all inhibitions and leave them with the confidence to soar higher than they ever have before!

Mitr - A Friend IndeedThe morning began with a craft session. The children were very eager to learn and produced beautiful caterpillars and butterflies that they decorated their rooms with later. After a quick snack, the children enjoyed the games that were planned for them.

Mitr - A Friend IndeedNot even once did these children come across as being ill or any less enthusiastic than any of their peers outside the home. They were full of life and enjoyed every moment of the morning. It was amazing to see the bond between them with each of them looking out for the others. It surely was a perfect beginning to the new year!

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