Celebrating Christmas 2015

With Christmas around the corner, it’s the best time to be thankful and spread the joy of giving!

Mitr Christmas PartyKeeping this in mind, Mitr – A Friend Indeed hosted Christmas parties for the children studying at St. John’s School on the 10th of December, 2015 and for the children of migrant construction workers at the TMCP centre at Kondwa on the 11th of December, 2015 and at Magarpatta on the 12th of December, 2015.

The children played games and sang simple Christmas carols. They also made hollies and Christmas trees, using sponge painting techniques, to decorate the centre. Their wide smiles and twinkling eyes were proof that they had enjoyed the activities tremendously.

Mitr TMCPNo party is complete without snacks! Each child received a cup cake, chips, sandwiches and juice. It goes without saying that the children absolutely loved the chocolate cupcakes sent lovingly by our very own Mitr Fairy Godmother – Namrata Kriplani of Forennte.

Volunteers Amrita Gopal, Siddhant Pawar, Sushobhan Sensharma and Saumit Deshpande hosted the party well and ensured that each child had a good time.

Mitr Sassoon HospitalAs part of the Christmas celebrations, biscuits, juice and toys were also distributed to the children admitted in the pediatric ward at Sassoon Hospital. The sight of broad smiles on the faces of the children was definitely worth more than any gift during the festive season.

Here’s what Siddhant, who completed his internship with Mitr with these parties, had to say: Mitr gave me the opportunity to help children in need, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. In this short span of time, if I’ve managed to bring a smile to at least one of the children’s faces, I think I’ve achieved something.


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