Connecting logoName of the initiative – The Mitr-Connecting partnership for suicide prevention

Target population – The general public

Location – Across Pune

Aim of the initiative  To prevent suicides, particularly among the youth and young adults and to faciliate support for suicide survivors

Mitr’s role – To create awareness among the youth in order to help prevent incidents of suicides

About the organisation:

The NGO – Connecting (, founded by Ms. Arnavaz Damania and a team of concerned citizens, came into existence in July 2005. Since then, it has worked untiringly to design programmes of intervention and support for youth, with the focus being on the prevention of suicides.

With the change in times, the distress levels among students is increasing at an alarming rate. Self-harming behaviour and experimentation with various forms of addictions is what most individuals, in distress, turn to. When ending the pain becomes difficult, some choose to end their life.

Therefore, creating awareness and equipping students with the ability to recognize suicide warning signs and the knowledge of action points in situations of suicide distress will surely go a long way in the prevention of suicides, through timely and appropriate action. 

Connecting’s programmes include:

  • Connecting MitrSuicide prevention Helpline (2-8 pm) (1800-209-4353 toll free and 99 22 00 11 22)
  • School Peer Education Program for Suicide Prevention (conducted in 8 schools in Pune and PCMC)
  • Suicide Survivor Support Program (to support those who lost a loved one to suicide and those who have attempted suicide)
  • Community Counselling Program: To support neighbourhoods with high distress levels and suicides
  • Awareness Programs: To raise awareness about suicide related matters

The Mitr-Connecting Partnership:

Connecting Mitr 2Mitr will raise volunteers who are suitable for the partnership initiative which will include conducting awareness sessions at various locations such as educational institutions, residential premises and corporate setups, through the medium of interactive sessions, theatre and dance. All volunteers who opt for this initiative will be trained and mentored by experienced professionals from Connecting…NGO, in collaboration with Mitr, over a period of two days. Special emphasis will be laid on developing skills related to planning, implementation, debriefing and documentation.

Mitr Connecting SessionThis Mitr project aims at developing talent and communication as well as interactive skills among the volunteers while encouraging them to work for a cause that is of vital importance in today’s day and age.

To join Mitr for this initiative, please email us at or call us on 8237864643 / 9923373115



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