Creativity Camp at the Kondhwa Centre of Tara Mobile Creches Pune

tmcp6The 20th to the 23rd of May, 2014 saw the Mitr group making their way to the labor camp in Kondhwa where forty five children of construction workers, between the age of six and fourteen years, eagerly awaited the activities that were planned for them.

tmcp10After a bumpy ride to the centre, it was indeed a pleasant surprise to be welcomed by a bunch of disciplined children who couldn’t wait to start work. The enthusiasm of the children was truly contagious and it saw our volunteers taking added interest in ensuring that the children had a wonderful experience.

tmcp3The workshop was divided into two hour sessions, spread over four days and it covered activities including craft, pottery, dance and games. It was amazing to see how quickly the children grasped techniques of origami, flower making, bag and envelope making, quilling and pottery, resulting in the display of beautiful pieces of art, by the end of the camp. The children had a ball of a time during the dance sessions, with the hot favorite being Sunil – one of the kids who left everyone in awe with his awesome dance moves. tmcp12

Krishna Nigam, Sanjana Bhutada, Armaan Dua, Sanil Pande, Summer Jacobs, Saakshi Patil, Tanuj Agarwal, Prithviraj Jadhav, Kaushal Kishor, Anshveer Sahani and Shaurya Jaisinghani were the volunteers who played an important role in making this creativity camp a success.


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