Drawing Competition to mark World Literacy Day and Teacher’s Day

1On the 6th of September 2014, to mark the occasion of World Literacy Day and Teacher’s Day, Mitr – A Friend Indeed organised a drawing competition for the children of migrant workers titled ‘The Importance of Education’. The competition, which had 80 participants, was held at three centres of Tara Mobile Creches Pune located in labor camps at Magarpatta, Kondhwa and Kharadi.

3The importance of education was explained to the children and many of the older ones felt that education is important because it is the only thing that can help them secure their futures. Most of the students wanted to become teachers or doctors. It was amazing to observe the thought process of some of the children and see how they expressed themselves on paper.

2On the other hand, we also noticed that some of the younger children found it very difficult to draw and quite a few children ended up having similar drawings that had a tree and a house in it. This was because they hadn’t been exposed to art. Thus, they were given the option of drawing whatever they liked. 4

The competition made us realize how important is was to introduce children to art and creativity. Hence, it was decided that a little bit of art would become a part of Mitr’s Spoken English and Life Skills Classes held at these centres.

All the participants enjoyed the competition and were thrilled to receive a box of crayons each while the winners became proud owners of a box of colour pencils or a packet of sketch pens.

Following the competition, the children felicitated the Mitr volunteers who help impart knowledge at these centres every Saturday.

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