“Giving Back to Society” A Bishop’s Kln – Mitr Collaboration

From its inception in 2014, it has been Mitr’s mission to encourage teenagers and young adults, to use their strengths and talents for the benefit of humankind, thereby helping them discover their potential for action and transformation.

This  year, Mitr joined hands with The Bishop’s Co-Ed School, Kalyaninagar to introduce the “Giving Back to Society” initiative as part of the SUPW project for the batch of 2018-19. This initiative is aimed at making the students realize their potential to effect change.

This is a five month programme during which the students will collectively brainstorm and strategize to raise funds to provide 5 underprivileged children (from St Joseph School, Ghorpuri) with the possibility of a better life through the medium of education. The students will be guided by mentors to ensure that they don’t merely collect donations for the cause but actually work towards it. We hope that this initiative will give them a better understanding of what the future has in store for them while providing them with the satisfaction of having helped their lesser privileged peers complete another year of education without the fear of the inability to be able to afford it.

At the end of the programme, the students will have to provide a project report highlighting their experiences of the initiative along with photographic evidence. On successful completion, each participant will be entitled to a personalized letter of recommendation from Mitr – A Friend Indeed, mentioning their involvement and contribution to the programme.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Headmaster, Mr Shayne McPherson for considering and accepting this initiative and the mentors, staff, students and parents of the school for taking up the challenge of making this happen!

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