God’s Angels 911

Name of the Initiative – God’s Angels 911

Target population – HIV affected women

Location – Bibewadi

Aim of the Initiative – To help the women, who are a part of the organisation, learn new skills that can help empower them. To ensure that ‘The Shed’ is a place of happiness that helps distract them from their real world.

Mitr’s role – To create awareness about the organisation, teach the women new skills and help in the sale of products made by the women so as to provide financial assistance


ga6About God’s Angels 911

God’s Angels is an organisation that came into existence on the 31st of January 2013 as a result of one woman’s strong desire to empower HIV affected women, from economically weaker sections of society, so that they could live dignified lives. Prem Angel Coelho is the woman behind this awesome initiative which encourages women to make products that can help them earn a livelihood.

The initiative compliments the efforts of the Medical Mission Sisters, at Bibewadi, who provide a nutrition programme for the HIV affected patients, in and around Pune.


ga18The Product

Prem Angel’s grey cells are always ticking, coming up with brilliant ideas and concepts for amazing pieces of art, mainly made out of material that one would usually throw away. Louisa Nair handles product design while Aparna assists with artwork and together, along with the affected angels, they create wonderful articles at ‘The Shed’, located on the Medical Mission Sisters’ Campus.


At God’s Angels, special attention is given to ensure that each product is different and one can be sure that they are purchasing unique articles since no design is repeated. The first project was hearts made of cloth – a symbol of love and hope. Thereafter, their creations have varied from stationery including diaries, bookmarks and different kinds of gift envelopes, to articles that help accentuate home décor such as designer nets for covering glasses and jugs, creative lamps from bottles, aroma candles, table mats, trays, framed paintings on leaves, decorated mirrors and a lot more.


One can also request for a customized product, and Prem and her team will try and match every requirement to come up with fantastic finished products that leave their clients asking for more.

Whatever is earned through the sale of the products is shared among the affected women, thereby helping them meet ends.




ga20How can you help?

  1. Buy the products made at God’s Angels
  2. Help organise exhibitions of the products at residential or commercial premises
  3. Donate material such as paint, glue, handmade paper, beads, ribbon, and other items which are always needed to produce splendid articles. Old bottles of different shapes and sizes are also welcome
  4. Help in the making of products
  5. Teach the women a new skill
  6. Like the Facebook page and spread the word

To help Mitr with this initiative, please email us at petronella@mitrindeed.org or call us on 8237864643 / 9923373115

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