Mitr’s ‘Spread the Talent’ Initiative – Introduction to Embroidery

Mitr’s ‘Spread the Talent‘ initiative aims at sparking interest and hoping that it will result in a fire! Through this initiative, children are introduced to a skill that they could use to make a living from, at a later stage in life.

Mitr Avantika Rayneau in actionOn the 30th of September, 2014, ‘Embroidery Classes’, headed by Avantika Rayneau, were introduced for the children of migrant workers at the Kondhwa centre of Tara Mobile Creches Pune.

According to Avantika, “It was rather heart-warming to see such lovely, inquiring children awaiting their embroidery class. My friend and co-volunteer, Shabina, was also taken aback to see the hunger these children had for acquiring knowledge and skill.

Mitr Shabina in actionTheir enthusiasm rose when they were given a handkerchief and a needle and thread. The children were guided from time to time on how to use the needle along a given pattern. They were attentive and totally absorbed all the instructions that were given.”

Mitr - EmbroideryThe enthusiasm shown by the children and their innate talent resulted in beautifully embroidered smiley faces on the handkerchiefs given – an image that matched the broad smiles they had on their faces throughout the session.

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