Mitr joins the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan

Mitr - A Friend Indeed Cleanliness Drive Responding to the Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’s’ clarion call for “Swacch Bharat”, Mitr – A Friend Indeed conducted it’s first cleanliness drive, in collaboration with EcoFriends, on Sunday, the 9th of November, 2014.

The turnout was good with over 60 volunteers, mainly young college students, signing up for the drive. The target area was the stretch between Gera Junction and Fakhri Hills in Kondhwa with the biggest challenge being the area around the PMC garbage dumper just outside Kubera Park. Seeing the enthusiasm and dedication that the volunteers were working with, many passersby also joined in.2

The volunteers worked diligently and it was alarming to note that, within an hour, they had filled up two huge PMC garbage dumpers.

Serving as an eye opener, the drive made each volunteer realize that even small things like sweet wrappers and fruit peels, thrown on the road, could result in the accumulation of a large amount of garbage. Volunteers took it upon themselves as they worked to also spread awareness of proper garbage disposal among people living in the area. Mitr - A Friend Indeed Cleanliness Drive

The event was coordinated by Hussain Harianawala, a volunteer with Mitr – A Friend Indeed, and Saahil Sethi, a representative of EcoFriends.

Mitr would like to extend their gratitude to TK Enterprises for sponsoring the masks and gloves and the PMC for their support.

This initiative, conducted on 9th of November 2014, is only the first of many such drives that are planned for the near future.

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