Mitr Creativity Camp at Arun Aashray

– Simran Sehgal & Anukriti Krishna

Mitr - Arun AashrayWaking up early in the morning and finding ‘Arun Aashray’ wasn’t exactly the easiest task, but thank you ‘Google Maps’! On reaching our destination, after a quite confusing drive – filled with taking turns that did not exist (who says Google Maps is always right?), we were welcomed by warm hugs and smiles from Mrs. Dalvi who introduced us to the five children we were going to have a gala time with – Rehan, Siddhi, Priya, Raju and Omi.

We also got the chance to see the seven infants who were as cute as buttons and our hearts melted at the sight of them, especially, the twenty day old baby who was wrapped up as if in a cocoon , and was sound asleep, lost in her world of  dreams.

Mitr Arun Aashray DogsWe, Simran and Anukriti, along with Mrs. Petronella Eates, began the three day Summer Camp with an Origami workshop. Beautiful tulips, trees and dogs using paper folding techniques were made by the little talented artists in no time at all. This was followed by ‘Story Time’.

Mitr Arun Aashray Tulips

The next two days were filled with so much of colour (literally) – paint, paint and more paint. Vegetable printing turned out to be so much more fun than we had expected as the kids were way more enthusiastic than the previous day! We wouldn’t say that making them paint is an easy task, thanks to their stubborn and mischievous little minds, ever so curious to find out what we had in store for them, by peeping into our bags alllllll the time!

Thank you Mahicka and Neel for showing up and spending time reading stories (especially about that one crocodile who wasn’t invited for a party) and playing with the kids; after having an adventurous trip to Arun Aashray.

On the third day, it was fun to see the kids so intrigued while doing string and sponge painting, after all it was a whole new deal for the little Picassos!Mitr Arun Aashray Sponge & Thread Painting

Our Summer Camp ended very successfully, with us leaving behind great artwork and the kids with huge smiles on their faces.

Seeing the children share Frooti and Munch and also fight and argue for them, seeing them create such lovely masterpieces and seeing them dance with such enthusiasm, all leaves us to wonder – which one of them will be a lawyer, artist, dancer or architect once they grow up. 

Mitr Leaving them was such a hard task as they just wouldn’t let go! This melted our hearts to such a vast extent since nothing is as pure as the love of an innocent child. It makes us happy to know that they had an equally magical time with us as much as we had with them. 

To see the kids jump around, laugh and trouble us, definitely was one of the best ways to start a day! ‘Making a child’s day, can definitely make yours’ – is indeed so true.

All thanks to Mitr – A Friend Indeed, we were able to experience such a different and exciting experience altogether. We would not give up any opportunity to visit these amazing kids and spend time with them again. We hope to see them all very soon.

PS: Thank you Mrs. Dalvi for the Frooti and the Munch

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