Mitr’s First Training and Orientation Session

– Armaan Dua

agent of change logoOn the 7th of September, 2014, all the ‘Agents of Change’, new and old, were part of Mitr’s first Training and Orientation Session which was held at the Mitr office at St. Patrick’s Town.

With an open discussion compered by Mitr’s in-house psychologist, we discussed techniques and methods to help us optimize our path to our goal and vision – the upliftment of the weaker sections of society.

As our primary focus is ‘Child Welfare’ and ‘Youth Development’, we discussed the psychology and stages of growth, both mental and physical, of an infant, all the way to adulthood. It was a truly eye-opening experience. Witnessing the life cycle of human beings through a psychological aspect using ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs’, we adopted a new perspective, understanding each human beings’ struggle to self-actualization and how we could apply this concept not only while dealing with our various projects, but to our day-to-day lives as well.

Mitr SessionI am sure each volunteer returned enriched and aware, more capable of spreading love in society and fulfilling his/her duties, assigned by the organisation, in a more fruitful manner.

What some of the other volunteers had to say: 

Verun Chavan: The talk narrowed down our goals as being a part of Mitr. What our role would comprise of and what exactly we’re gonna be doing throughout the year were made clear. The session was well conducted and it really infused in us zeal, and probably, we’re gonna have no issues in carrying out our mission.

Amrita Gopal:  I found today’s session very informative and useful. The instructions were given quite clearly and it was easy to understand them. I liked the fact that it was an interactive session.

Sushobhan Sensharma: The session helped us understand sensitive issues and how we could actually bring about a change in so many lives. We were made aware about why we are here and how important is it for us to present ourselves well when we are representing this organisation outside. All in all, we got a clear idea as to what we have to do, how we have to do it and why we have to do it.

Rachel D’Cruz: I enjoyed the talk. I like and will definitely take back that point about looking for the need which needs to be met, as explained using ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs’.

Hussain Harianawala: The session was very intriguing and convincing. It shed light on a lot of sensitive issues, which I had not thought of.

Devanshi Shah: The session gave us vast knowledge on how a child actually feels in a very systemic and simple manner.

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