Rhea Rebello

Mitr RheaThe summer camp at Shreevatsa, which was our first workshop with kids aged 2-6 years, proved to be one of the best experiences of my life.

As teenagers, we don’t value most of what we have…and are often left with the feeling of infelicity when it comes to not getting what we want. This workshop helped me be more grateful and appreciative. I learnt this from the kids who lit up even when they got something as little as a sweet or a crayon.

I loved it when the kids would suddenly,break out into song and then we would all join in along with them or when they used to yearn to be carried every second and wouldn’t let go! Everyday was like a journey..and with each passing day the bond
between the children and I grew stronger. We taught them how to paint, draw and even make beautiful ladoos while they were indirectly teaching us how to feel like kids again!

These kids are all so special and gifted and I am honored to have been a part of their big family!

The experience would not have been complete without all the amazing and dedicated volunteers! I’ve made a lot of friends and memories along the way which I will treasure forever.

MITR, you are truly a friend indeed!




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