sofosh logoName of the initiative: Spread the Love

Target population: Orphaned and abandoned children and children with special needs

Location: Shreevatsa (Sassoon Hospital premises) and Tara Sofosh Dhadphale Centre (Pimple Gurav)

Aim of the initiative: To shower children with the love they deserve and to help make their stay at the centres a memorable one


SOFOSH is one of Pune’s pioneering organisations in the field of child adoption and care for children with special needs. It also works for family and child welfare as well as patient welfare.


Shreevatsa is a special childcare centre run by SOFOSH for abandoned or orphaned children. The children here range from being a day old to six years of age and every effort is made to make their lives enjoyable.

SOFOSH strives to find good homes for these children and most of them are rehabilitated through the legal process of child adoption. 


Tara Sofosh Dhadphale Centre is a home for family deprived children with special needs. The staff here ensures that these children are loved unconditionally and well looked after.

This spacious home is designed, keeping in mind the needs of children with special needs. It is well equipped with facilities such as play therapy, speech therapy, water therapy and physiotherapy.

These children have little or no hope of being adopted into families.

ShreevatsaWhat does Mitr need for this initiative?

For this initiative, Mitr needs patient volunteers who love being with children and believe that every child has a right to be loved unconditionally and would go out of their way to see a child smile.

For the babies, just holding them and speaking or singing to them can prove to be very soothing.

In the case of the older children, games, art, craft, song, dance, moral development through story telling sessions and merely listening to what the children have to say, with undivided attention, can go a long way in ensuring that they feel loved thus making them happy and more confident.

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