Spreading Christmas Cheer at the Residential School for the Deaf

Mitr - A Friend Indeed On the 20th of December 2014, Mitr enjoyed a fun filled morning at the Residential School for the Deaf and Research Centre run by the Ayodhya Charitable Trust at Wanawadi in Pune.

The morning began with an introduction session followed by the children making Santa’s face and a Christmas tree using coloured paper. It was so different to see our otherwise confident and well-spoken volunteers struggling with instructions which they eventually managed to communicate very effectively.Mitr

After a quick snack break, the kids enjoyed the games that were planned for them. It was awesome to see their faces light up when they were taken to the prize table on winning a game. It was even more amazing to see how they tried to communicate which game they had won and what they won to their friends across the lawn, only through expression and signs.

Mitr - A Friend Indeed Santa then visited and distributed gifts to each child. They were thrilled to sit on his lap and each one wanted a photograph with him.

The older children then helped with the plantation of a Christmas tree that was gifted by EcoFriends, a symbol of a long-term association.

20Yummy lunch was provided by Lazarus and the staff of “Foodsmiths” and served by volunteers. All the kids, members of staff and volunteers enjoyed the food.

It was surely an exhausting experience but one which definitely left each of us with a sense of accomplishment and admiration for the kids who were so well mannered, affectionate and independent.

Mitr - A Friend IndeedThe only way we could communicate was if we could maintain eye contact and think up the appropriate gestures on the spur of the moment to get across what we wanted to convey. It thus, helped us realize the power of eye contact, observation and presence of mind in addition to being thankful for the ability to hear and speak – things we take for granted.

A pat on the back to all our volunteers for stepping out of their comfort zones and making this day a memorable one! A special thank you to all who support Mitr and help make such events a huge success!

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