Summer Camp at Shreevatsa

Mitr 3 Colouring
‘Mitr – A friend indeed’ came into existence in April 2014. Commencing with operations in May, Mitr’s first outreach project was a summer camp conducted for the children of Shreevatsa – the child care center run by the Society of Friends of Sassoon Hospital (SOFOSH).

Mitr Sports

The camp was conducted from the 5th of May, 2014 to the 16th of May, 2014 – for a total of twenty hours, spanning over ten days. On the first day, Mitr volunteers dressed up as clowns to entertain the children. Although frightened at first, the children soon grew to love the clowns and did not want them to leave at the end of the session. Subsequent sessions included activities such as pottery, thread and sponge painting, origami, free hand drawing and coloring, apart from more academic sessions like story-telling, picture identification and recitation.

Mitr 7 PotteryA magic show, a cookery class (where the children made simple boondi ladoos), ‘sports day’ and regular playtime in the park, were all part of the holistic experience, both for the volunteers, as well as for the children of Shreevatsa.

The older children at Shreevatsa also had their first experience of sleeping in a tent, bringing a close to the end of ten days of mutual learning!

Mitr 4 Picture IdentificationThis event saw a total of 38 volunteers over the ten day duration. The volunteers included Summer Jacobs, Rhea Rebello, Arshiya Dutt, Rian Khorana, Siddharth Mungale, Varun Chavan, Aryan Doshi, Simran Sehgal, Anukriti Krishna, Nihal Sachdev, Sankalp Sikka, Armaan Dua, Tanuj Agarwal, Mahicka Sharma, Neel Jain, Arbaaz Jeena, Raj Kadam, Prithviraj Jadhav, Tushar Bumb, Kaushal Kishor, Wasif Hussain, Avi Saxena, Karan Madan, Fatema Saif, Juhi Sachdev, Karina Panjabi, Kareena Sukhija, Bhavjeet Walia, Aditya Bijlani, Dylan Fernandes, Saakshi Patil, Annissa Rebello, Meagan Rebello, Shreyaan Chaudhary, Arjun Datrange, Nabeel Khan, Kunal Sawant and Zoheb Lakhani.

Mitr OrigamiFrom the standpoint of the volunteers, they realized that even though the children enjoyed the activities, the innate need for love and interaction with people stood out rather prominently.

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