Summer of 2015

Mitr - A Friend Indeed– Amrita Gopal

Have I built a Roller Coaster this Summer? No… Have I climbed the Eiffel Tower? No… Have I given a monkey a shower? Thankfully No…

Yes, I’ll admit it. My summer hasn’t been nearly as exciting as Phineas and Ferbs but this year I can proudly say I’ve done something that actually matters. I’ve spread smiles. I’ve made over 50 new friends My plain boring jeans now have hundreds of memories on them in the form of colourful paint speckles. I’ve taught children how to draw and in the process, they taught me how to be a child again. This summer, I’d like to think I’ve made a difference. This summer, I’ve been a Mitr. – Darlene Mascarenhas

Mitr - A Friend IndeedThis year, Mitr- A Friend Indeed held summer camps for children studying at St. John’s School and for the children of migrant workers at Magarpatta, Kharadi and Kondhwa in the months of April and May, with over 120 children benefitting from the same. Each of these camps were conducted over a period of five days, for two hours per day.

Mitr - A Friend IndeedAt these activity camps, the children learnt to make key chains and origami items like houses, dogs, fish and tulips. They were also taught how to draw a banyan tree and warli figures and painting techniques on cloth and paper. Various games, which promoted team spirit, were also played at all the centres.

Mitr - A Friend IndeedVolunteers Habil Bhagat, Taha Bhagat, Jahaan Tinwala, Anam Shaikh, Reva Shree Baniya, Anushka Iyer, Ayushi Halder, Shivani Kuddyady, Saloni Charnalia, Sanjana Bhutada, Darlene Mascarenhas, Amrita Gopal, Saumit Deshpande and Varun Pradhan volunteered at the various centres and contributed towards making these camps a success by ensuring that every child enjoyed the activities.

Here’s what some of the volunteers had to say:

Mitr - A Friend IndeedJahaan Tinwala: I personally had a great time working with the kids. I’m pretty sure that they enjoyed the activities too.

Darlene Mascarenhas: This summer, I helped do something that mattered. I spread smiles and used my talents in order to help and teach young and eager minds.

Anushka Iyer: The five days spent at the summer camp at Kharadi were amazing. It was fun to teach the kids and see the spark on their faces.

Ayushi Halder: My experience can be summed up in the words of Ralph Aldo Emerson-“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” This experience made me more compassionate, helpful and created a positive difference in my life.

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