Sushobhan Sensharma

Mitr SSWorking with Mitr has been a very revealing and enriching experience. I realized that there are many small things that can be done to contribute towards society. What is needed is a bit of sensitivity and the willingness to do something worthwhile. I believe that education is a tool that empowers individuals, but above all else, it is the right of every child.

Honestly speaking, I am equally learning through this process. It has helped me develop a lot of soft skills and communication skills. Basically, Mitr is helping me explore myself which I think is a complete win-win situation.

Let that be the interactive sessions they conduct, or spread awareness through music, dance or drama, or teach a room full of children life skills and spoken English. Every task is challenging, informative, educational and interactive all at the same time.

Also, the continuous guidance and opportunities provided by Mrs. Eates adds up to the whole experience Mitr is all about. Mitr has been one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my life.

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