Tara Mobile Crèches Pune

TMCPName of the initiative – The Mitr-TMCP partnership for academic assistance and talent encouragement

Target population – Children of migrant construction workers

Location – Magarpatta, Kondwa and Kothrud

Aim of the initiative – To provide academic assistance and develop life skills among the children with the objective of improving the quality of their life

About Tara Mobile Crèches Pune – 

Tara Mobile Crèches Pune (TMCP), is a pioneering organization for the past 3 decades in providing day care services to the children of the marginalized, under-privileged migrant labourers working on construction sites.

Earlier working as an offshoot of the Mobile Crèches Delhi & Mumbai, the TMCP registered as a Section 25 non-profit Company in the year 2007.

TMCP has 16 centres all over Pune and PCMC and 1 at Lavasa. The centres work from Monday through Saturday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, providing integrated child care services to approximately 1200 children between the ages from birth to 14 years.

Facilities for education, nutrition, health and recreation are extended through all the centres of the TMCP aiming to provide an environment fostering holistic growth and development in children of the migrant labourers.

Mitr class in sessionWhat is Mitr looking for?

For this initiative, Mitr requires dedicated volunteers who are passionate about teaching and interacting with underprivileged children with the objective of developing confidence as well as communication skills and encouraging talent among them.

Mitr Spoken English and Life Skills classes are held at various TMCP centres, for an hour, every Saturday. We are also looking for volunteers who could teach dance or a specific skill at these centres.

A year’s commitment for this initiative is preferred.


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