The Agent of Change Programme

agent of change logoOne of the great Mahatma’s rules for changing the world was “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Mitr’s ‘Agent of Change’ Programme is aimed at just this – working voluntarily to be a catalyst for change.

What does an Agent of Change do?                    

An Agent of Change interacts with children from less privileged backgrounds with the primary focus on providing them with a more enjoyable childhood and a stronger foundation for improving the quality of their life.

Agents of Change use their own skills and talents to develop talents in their mentees to bring about change. Academic assistance, creativity sessions, drama, music, dance, sport and adventure, clubbed with lots of fun, are all a part of this holistic programme.

Who can become an Agent of Change?

This programme is open to college students and working professionals as well as housewives and retired teachers who believe they can bring about change.

Mitr Agent of Change Mitr Agent of Change

12 Hours over 3 Months

An Agent of Change would need to commit a minimum of 12 hours over a period of three months, an hour per week at a Mitr centre.

How does one prepare to assume the role of an agent?

Mitr provides orientation and training sessions to help each volunteer on their journey as an Agent of Change. Our Agent Guide will also be made available for ready reference. These not only help in identifying activities that would be suitable to both but also help in ensuring that a wonderful bond develops between the agents and their mentees.

In addition, our Agents of Change can also seek advice from our experienced mentors from time to time. There will also be feedback sessions, at regular intervals, to assess the effectiveness of the programme and help us better the programme accordingly.

How would I benefit as an Agent of Change?

On the successful completion of an assigned project, each Agent of Change will be entitled to a letter from Mitr – A Friend Indeed stating his / her contribution and any extra effort that results in greater benefit to society will also be acknowledged.

One’s contribution to community service may also help in securing additional credits when it comes to further studies abroad or at the time of migration to a foreign country.

How can I sign up for the programme?

To sign up for The ‘Agent of Change’ Programme, click here – Registration Form. Thereafter, you will be contacted and placed, subject to need.

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