The Mitr “T.E.A.M.” Event – Together Everyone Achieves More!

– Amrita Gopal

Mitr - A Friend IndeedAs part of its “Development through Participation” initiative, Mitr – A Friend Indeed held its first team building event at the Mitr centre at St. John’s School on the 29th of May 2015. The event had 50 participants, all children of migrant construction workers from various construction sites across Pune. The main objective of this event was to promote team spirit and sportsmanship among the children while ensuring that they enjoyed a fun-filled morning.

The children arrived at St. John’s School by 10:00 am and were served breakfast. Thereafter, the games began. The children were divided into groups of ten, 5 girls and 5 boys, with one Mitr volunteer as the team captain of each team. ‘Tunnel Ball’, ‘Water Fall’ and ‘Stack the Cups’ were played by all ten participants. Five participants from each team played ‘The Ball Relay’ and ‘The Star Game’. ‘Crab Walk’, ‘Bucket the Ball’, ‘Stepping Stones’, ‘Straw Chain’ and ‘The Ball and Tub Relay’ were played by two participants from each team. The children had loads of fun playing these games and the atmosphere was filled with laughter and endless cheer.

Lunch was followed by the distribution of prizes. At the end of the event, all the participants were given biscuits, chocolates and chips. The children left with wide smiles on their faces and hands filled with goodies.

Volunteers Sushobhan Sensharma, Amrita Gopal, Darlene Mascarenhas, Dylan Fernandes, Anam Shaikh, Sanjana Bhutada, Saloni Charnalia, Shivani Kuddyady, Akash Agarwal, Varun Pradhan and Saumit Deshpande did a good job in carrying out the games and in ensuring that every child had a fun-filled morning! 

Here’s what two of the volunteers had to say about the event:

Darlene Mascarenhas: The event was everything that summer is about: FUN!. I don’t think I spotted a single child or volunteer, without a laugh threatening to erupt from their lips.

Saloni Charnalia: There was not a single child who did not enjoy the games! In my opinion, the children enjoyed the ‘The Star Game’ and ‘Water Fall’ the most.

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