The Rice and Wheat Bucket Challenge

Mitr - A Friend IndeedOn the 20th of February 2015, the Forbes Marshall Giving Circle, in collaboration with “Mitr – A Friend Indeed”, initiated the Rice and Wheat Bucket Challenge – an initiative aimed at providing underprivileged children with food grains – a basic necessity of life.

In February, 50 kilos of rice were donated to Nachiket Balgram in Akurdi, an organisation working primarily for underprivileged children. Since they did not have a requirement for more rice and wheat, we decided to look at other organisations that did.

After looking at various centres, we narrowed down on the Rays of Hope Project, run by Swadhar in Narayan Peth, for children affected by HIV. Under this project, the families of affected children receive supplies to cover the needs of the child so as to ensure that they remain in the family set-up rather than being transferred to institutions due to lack of financial stability.

Mitr - A Friend IndeedOn the 15th and 16th of May 2015, food items, as per the dietary requirements of the children, were donated to 70 families. The total contribution comprised 70 packets of sunflower oil, 70 kilos of sugar, 35 kilos of tur dal, 35 kilos of mung dal, 35 kilos of masur dal, 35 ilos of udad dal, 35 kilos of khajur, 17.5 kilos of whole mung, 17.5 kilos of harbara, 7 kilos of jaggery and 7 kilos of methi seeds.

Mitr - A Friend IndeedSince Mitr – A Friend Indeed is an organistaion that works for child welfare primarily through the medium of activity based workshops, an activity session that included paper crafts and keychain making was conducted for the children at the centre itself on the 16th of May 2015. 

Mitr - A Friend IndeedThe children loved the activity and participated whole-heartedly to produce wonderful pieces of art. They also enjoyed interacting with the Mitr volunteers and Bina Joshi, Belinda Gaikwad, Manoj Solanki and Santosh Sawant who represented the FM Giving Circle.

Mitr - A Friend IndeedIt’s been a wonderful experience partnering with Forbes Marshall for this initiative which proved that the company is filled with large hearted individuals who value life and would go out of their way to bring smiles to the faces to numerous children. We look forward to many more such opportunities in the future.

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