VMF Summer Camp 2015

Amrita Gopal

Mitr - A Friend Indeed On Friday, the 22nd of May 2015, Mitr – A Friend Indeed conducted a morning long activity marathon at the VMF Summer Camp.

This year, the Vascon Murthy Foundation Summer Camp was held at Aga Khan Palace and was attended by 60 children from various construction sites across Pune.

Mitr - A Friend Indeed The main objective of this camp was to enhance the creativity of every child. Hence, the day was filled with loads of art and craft activities. The day started with the children making paper peacocks. Each volunteer was responsible for a group of children to ensure that every child got the required attention. After the peacock, the children were taught to make origami butterflies, paper spiders and paper caterpillars. Subsequently, a few of the artistic children proceeded to make table mats on plain art sheets. They were given the liberty to paint whatever they wanted on the art sheets, and the response to this was truly incredible. The other children made ice cream stick puppets. This was followed by the making of paper coasters, which also received a good response. Every child left with a  wide smile and a bag filled with the items made by them.

Mitr - A Friend Indeed The volunteers, Anam Shaikh, Hussain Harianawala, Rhea Rebello, Sushobhan Sensharma, Darlene Mascarenhas, Akash Agarwal, Srishti Goenka, Saumit Deshpande, Varun Pradhan, Amrita Gopal, Saloni Charnalia, Ayushi Halder and Shivani Kuddyady did a great job in conducting all the activities and in ensuring that every child had a good time.

Here’s what some of the volunteers had to say:

Sushobhan Sensharma: The children were more updated and well versed with the daily news, than I had expected them to be. They were responsive to our guidance, which made our work a lot easier.

Anam Shaikh: It was a great experience, as the kids enjoyed every activity that we did with them. The smiles that the children had on their faces, after completing their craft work and seeing their final product were mesmerising and heart-warming. It was great being part of it.

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