World Thalassemia Day Celebrations at Sassoon Hospital

t5Mitr – A Friend Indeed’s second initiative was a one day project with thalassemic children on World Thalassemia Day, celebrated on the 8th of May, 2014.

Having noticed how children with thalassemia more often than not, always associate a visit to the hospital with the painful and tiring process of blood transfusion, the volunteers at Mitr decided to make it a fun-filled morning, with the objective of giving the thalassemic children a brighter outlook towards the whole process of blood transfusion.

t7Once the formal presentations were completed by the medical staff at the Sassoon Hospital, the children were led to the Shreevatsa building, where they enjoyed themselves, taking active part in a magic show that had been specially organized for them by Mitr. Once this was completed, they then participated in a colouring competition, where they made maximum use of their potential to express themselves through the use of crayons.

1Simultaneously, our artistic volunteers Summer Jacobs, Juhi Sachdev, Kareena Sukhija and Arbaaz Ali Jeena painted interesting tattoos on the arms of the boys present while Aleta Chakranarayan ensured that the girls went home with beautiful mehendi on their hands. Rhea Rebello and Cheryl Chakranarayan assisted with photography and ensured that those precious smiles and moments were captured.

It is rightly said, ‘There is no greater joy than being the reason for a smile on a child’s face!’


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